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Color Cosmetics: A Practical Guide to Formulation

Author: Jane C. Hollenberg


An in depth discussion on what today’s chemists must deal with in the extra phase that consists of solid pigment particles.

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Aging Skin: Current and Future Therapeutic Strategies

Authors: Linda D. Rhein, PhD and Joachim W. Fluhr, MD


An “ageless” topic, strategies for combating skin aging is among the most advanced and advancing categories of personal care product development. Rhein and Fluhr’s Aging Skin is your ticket to this high-growth market.


Author: Roger L. McMullen

This book explains how the ingredients in skincare products work. It gives excellent coverage to the structure and function of skin and oxidation and the problems that occur when the two meet.


Editor: Nava Dayan, PhD


Current approaches for formulating, manufacturing, and testing commercial cosmetic and pharmaceutical products applied to the skin. Includes specific formularies for face cream, cosmetics, sunscreen, cleansers, and shampoos.

Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, 3rd Edition

Authors: Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski


Still the best source of practical information for the beginning cosmetic chemist.

Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics: Cosmetic Specialties and Ingredients

Editor: Mitchell L. Schlossman


An indispensable resource that reveals the intricacies in the employment of materials used in today's cosmetics industry. LIMITED QUANTITY


Authors: Jane Hollenberg


Color cosmetic expert Jane Hollenberg delves into the practical aspects of actual formulations, going far beyond many cosmetic formulation books that simply provide a list of ingredients and the formulation process.


Author: Anthony C. Dweck


Formulators know how crucial up-to-date ingredient information is in the lab. Tony Dweck’s got you covered.


Authors: Trefor Evans and R. Randall Wickett


The definitive guide for translating hair science into practical application. This is not just a reference book. It will not collect dust on your shelf - you will USE this book.


Author: David C. Steinberg


A vital reference on cosmetic preservatives for formulators and finished-goods marketers.