Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics: Volume I - Science, 4th Edition

Mitchell L. Schlossman

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  • Hardcover - LIMITED QUANTITY
  • 724 Pages
  • Published 2009
  • ISBN-10: 1932633472
  • ISBN-13: 9781932633474
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The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics, Volume I—Science is an excellent resource and educational tool for beginning to advanced formulating cosmetic chemists and can be used as a textbook for any student interested in understanding or pursuing a career in cosmetic chemistry and formulation. In this volume:

  • Skin and aging
  • Toxicological test methodologies
  • Skin surface analysis
  • Antiaging cosmeceuticals
  • Anticellulite cosmeceuticals
  • Chemistry of natural hair color
  • Emulsions
  • Consumer testing and evaluation

NEW chapters include:

  • Cosmetic color additives
  • Delivery systems
  • Green cosmetics
  • Pressurized dispensers
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Update on REACH legislation
  • Part I Introduction
    • Cosmetics, Past, Present, Future
  • Part II Industry View and Regulatory
    • The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Regulation of Cosmetics
    • The Impact of REACH on Cosmetic Ingredients and the Cosmetic Industry
  • Part III Dermatology and Toxicology
  • Part IV Product Development
    • The Chemistry and Physics of Hair
    • Manufacturing
    • Delivery Systems for Topically Applied Formulations
    • Cosmetic Color Additives
    • Pressurized Dispensers
    • Lipids from Northern Plant Species as Nutraceuticals for Skin Care
    • Green Cosmetics
  • Part V Methodology
    • The Hydrophile-Lipophile-Balance(HLB) System
    • Quality Control and Assurance
    • Analytical Methodology
    • Rheology Fundamentals and Applications in Cosmetics Formulation, Manufacturing and Quality Control
    • Cosmetic Microbiology and Preservation
    • Claims Support Testing: Principles and Practice
    • Consumer Testing and Evaluation of Personal Care Products
  • Index

Edited by well-known and respected author Mitchell L. Schlossman, a contributor to the original edition of The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics (published in 1975), Schlossman worked closely with M.G. DeNavarre, its editor. He felt obliged to carry on DeNavarre's work to update these volumes so that they may continue to be an important guide to formulating cosmetic scientists.

Chapters include contributions from knowledgeable and accomplished experts in their fields from academia, such as professors Howard Maibach, MD, and Randy R. Wickett, as well as respected industry experts such as T. Joseph Lin and Linda Rhein.

Other books published by this author/editor:

"I use The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics on a daily basis to review new and old procedures and processes. These books are a valuable resource — my be all, end all book of books."

—David Zelesnick, Nu-World, Sr. V.P, R & D / I. C.

"An excellent book that provides the basis of understanding behind cosmetic science, especially from the chemistry and manufacturing side."

—Johann W. Wiechers, PhD
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