Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics: Volume III - Ingredients, 3rd Edition

Mitchell L. Schlossman

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  • Two-book Set
  • 1,165 Pages
  • Published 2002
  • ISBN-10: 0931710774
  • ISBN-13: 9780931710773
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Volume III - Ingredients discusses the vast number of materials used, or potentially useful, in cosmetics. A review of more than 70 topics, Ingredients reveals the intricacies in the employment of materials used in today's cosmetics industry - whether it's waxes, marine products, collagen, honey, vitamins, vegetable proteins, antibacterials, microspheres or other ingredients.

This is an excellent resource and educational tool for beginning to advanced formulating cosmetic scientists and can be used as a textbook for any chemistry student interested in pursuing a career in the cosmetic field.

Included in this volume:

  • Sample formulations and considerations
  • List of ingredients used as anti-inflammatory actives: known safety/toxicity concerns
  • In vitro and in vivo evaluations for antimicrobial effectiveness
  • Definition of terms
  • Formulating lipid-replacement products
  • Ceramide levels and skin changes
  • Color chemistry
  • Pigment categories
  • Stability and color selection
  • Color properties
  • Behavior and stability in aqueous solution
  • Adverse reactions to cosmetics
  • Forward
  • Preface
    • Book 1
      • 1. Acetoglycerides By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 2. Aliphatic Branch-Chain Hydrocarbons By Anthony Ansaldi
      • 3. Alkoxylated Nonionic Surfactants By Charles Hinton
      • 4. Allantoin By Ronald N. DiSalvo
      • 5. Aloe Vera By Suellen Bennett
      • 6. Aluminum Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 7. Antihistaminic Agents By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 8. Anti-Inflammatory Agents By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 9. Antimicrobial Actives By Lois V. Dunkerton, Eleanor J. Fendler and Ronald A. Williams
      • 10. Azulene By Suellen Bennett
      • 11. Boron By Stephen DaVanzo
      • 12. Ceramides By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 13. Chitin By Suellen Bennett
      • 14. Chlorophyll By Suellen Bennett
      • 15. Citrates By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 16. Collagen By Geoffrey J. Brooks
      • 17. Complexing AgentsBy Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 18. Color Cosmetic Additives By Edwin B. FaulknerM
      • 19. Cosmetic Delivery Systems: An Overview By Vitthal S. Kulkarni, Duncan Aust, James Wilmott and James Hayward
      • 20. Cytokines By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 21. Dihydroxyacetone: Chemistry and Applications in Self-Tanning Products By Ratan K. Chaudhuri
      • 22. Egg Oil By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 23. Enzymes By Mindy S. Goldstein
      • 24. Fatty Acids and Derivatives By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 25. Fluorine Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 26. Henna Extract By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 27. Higher Fatty Alcohols By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 28. Honey and Other Products of the Hive By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 29. Humectants and Polyols By Stephen Greenberg
      • 30. Hyaluronic Acid By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 31. Hypoallergenic Cosmetics By Stanley B. Levy
      • 32. Inorganic Sunscreens By Julian P. Hewitt
      • 33. Insoluble Metallic Soaps By Maison deNavarre; revised by Mitchell L. Schlossman
    • Book Two
      • 34. Lanolin and Its Derivatives By Andrew Banham
      • 35. Liposomes in Cosmetics: An Overview of Production, Characterization and Applications By Vitthal S. Kulkarni, Duncan Aust, James Wilmott and James Hayward
      • 36. Lithium Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 37. Mercury Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 38. Microspheres By Yun Shao and Diane Pekarek
      • 39. Nucleic Acids By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 40. Organic Sunscreens By Ratan K. Chaudhuri, Frank Pfluecker and Ina Hoefgen-Mueller
      • 41. Oxidation Protection with Phenolic Antioxidants By Terry A. Oldfield
      • 42. Pearlescent Pigments By Ralf Emmert
      • 43. Peroxides and Other "Per" Compounds By Maison deNavarre; revised by Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 44. Personal Care Applications of Starch Polymers By Gary T. Martino and Daniel B. Solarek
      • 45. Petroleum Derivatives in Cosmetics By David S. Morrison
      • 46. Phosphates By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 47. Phospholipids By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 48. Polyethylene Glycols By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 49. Polymers for Personal Care Products By Susan N.C. Price
      • 50. Psoralens By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 51. Salicylic Acid By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 52. Seawater By Xavier Briand
      • 53. Silicones By Marianne D. Berthiaume
      • 54. Silk Powder By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 55. Silver Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 56. Smectite Organoclay Chemistry: Organically Modified Bentonite Reacted with Organic Cations By Dwaine Siptak
      • 57.Smectite Clay Chemistry By Dwaine Siptak
      • 58. Solvents By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 59. Squalane: The Natural Moisturizer By Maurice L. Rosenthal
      • 60. Sterols, Steroids, Bile Acids, Hormones and Related Compounds By Ronald M. DiSalvo
      • 61. Strontium Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 62. Surface Treatment of Cosmetic Pigments By Jane Hollenberg
      • 63. Surfactants By Anthony J. O’Lenick and Susan N.C. Price
      • 64. Thermotropic Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Mixtures By Michael Parsley
      • 65. "Thio" and Related Sulfer Compounds By Maison deNavarre; revised by Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 66. Ultraviolet Absorbers By Volker Schehlmann
      • 67. Vitamins By Zoe Diana Draelos
      • 68. Water By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 69. Waxes By Maison deNavarre; revised by Don Ayerlee
      • 70. Zinc Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman
      • 71. Zirconium Compounds By Mitchell L. Schlossman

Edited by well-known and respected author Mitchell L. Schlossman, a contributor to the original edition of The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics (published in 1975), Schlossman worked closely with M.G. DeNavarre, its editor. He felt obliged to carry on DeNavarre's work to update these volumes so that they may continue to be an important guide to formulating cosmetic scientists.

Chapters include contributions from knowledgeable and accomplished experts in their fields, such as Ronald DiSalvo, Julian Hewitt, David Morrison and many more.

"I use The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics on a daily basis to review new and old procedures and processes. These books are a valuable resource — my be all, end all book of books."

—David Zelesnick, Nu-World, Sr. V.P, R & D / I. C.

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