Naturals and Organics in Cosmetics: Trends and Technology

Anthony J. O'Lenick Jr.
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  • Softcover
  • 495 Pages
  • Published 2010
  • ISBN-10: 1932633715
  • ISBN-13: 9781932633719
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Over the years there have been many changes in our industry, but none more far-reaching and profound than the "greening" of cosmetics. The concept has been embraced by consumers and marketing professionals throughout our industry, despite the fact that an exact definition is elusive.

Bringing together selected articles from Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, Naturals and Organics in Cosmetics: Trends and Technology is your convenient, one-stop guide to green formulating. Arm yourself with the information you need to keep up with consumer demand of natural and organic products.

This new edition includes 35 new chapters not found in the previous edition, two of which are brand new chapters never before seen in print. Also included is a brand new chapter by Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr. on Green Star ratings and a chapter on the current status of the industry by David C. Steinberg.

  • Introduction by Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr.
  • I Background
  • II Introduction
    • Chapter 10: Natural and Organic: The Emerging Revolution
    • Chapter 11: The Blossoming of Naturals I: The Buying Public
    • Chapter 12: The Blossoming of Naturals II: The Impact of Wellness/ Naturals Globally
    • Chapter 13: The Blossoming of Naturals III: Raw Materials
  • III Formulating
    • Chapter 14: Navigating the Challenges of Formulating with Naturals
    • Chapter 15: Mildness Meets Greenness
    • Chapter 16: Vernix Caseosa: The Ultimate Natural Cosmetic?
    • Chapter 17: A "Green" Microemulsion for Improved Conditioning Performance of Shampoos
  • IV Skin
    • Chapter 18: Antiaging Benefits of French Rose Petal Extract
    • Chapter 19: Developing a Long-lasting Tyrosinase Inhibitor From Morus alba L.
    • Chapter 20: Grapefruit Extract Cream: Effects on Melanin and Skin
    • Chapter 21: Tetrapeptide Targets Epidermal Cohesion
    • Chapter 22: From the Sea: Algal Extracts for Skin Homeostasis
    • Chapter 23: A DNA Repair Complex to Decrease Erythema and UV-induced CPD Formation
    • Chapter 24: Macroalgae in Nutricosmetics
    • Chapter 25: Lightening, Boosting and Protecting with Colorless Carotenoids
    • Chapter 26: A Medicinal Plant Blend for Soothing and Anti-inflammatory Effects
    • Chapter 27: Orange Roughy Oil for Sensitive Skin and Other Topics: Literature Findings
    • Chapter 28: ECM-derived Tetrapeptide to Counterbalance ECM Degeneration
    • Chapter 29: Mitochondrial Nourishment and Protection for Antiaging Effects
    • Chapter 30: Nature's Answer to Insect Repellent
    • Chapter 31: Leucojum aestivum Bulb Extract for Antiaging Benefits
    • Chapter 32: Liquid Crystal O/W Emulsions to Mimic Lipids and Strengthen Skin Barrier Function
    • Chapter 33: Pisum Sativum Extract for Safe- and Self-tanning
    • Chapter 34: Therapeutic Peptides in Aged Skin
    • Chapter 35: Chitin Nanofibrils: A Natural Compound for Innovative Cosmeceuticals
    • Chapter 36: Metabolism of Vitamin D in Skin: Benefits for Skin Care Applications
  • V Hair
    • Chapter 37: Hair and Amino Acids
    • Chapter 38: Polyelectrolyte Complex for Mending Damaged Hair
  • VI Preservation
    • Chapter 39: Natural Preservation from Concepts in Nature
    • Chapter 40: Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Effects of a Magnolia Extract
  • VII Biotechnology
    • Chapter 41 Recent Advances in Biopolymers and Biomedical Materials
    • Chapter 42 A Green, Solvent-free Biocatalytic Method to Product Cosmetic Esters
  • Index

Authors include:

  • Timothy Kapsner
  • David C. Steinberg
  • Robert Lochhead, PhD
  • Johann W. Wiechers, PhD
  • Karl Lintner, PhD
  • Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr.
  • Eric S. Abrutyn
  • Wen Schroeder

"This sector of cosmetics making environmental, natural or organic claims ... is projected to experience double-digit growth for the foreseeable future. The green product trend has moved into the mainstream in most consumer product categories. In the cosmetics market, the large multinationals are buying smaller green product brands, launching their own green product lines, or both. Green claims are increasingly popular in all marketing channels, from prestige to drug stores."

—Timothy Kapsner
Senior Research Scientist, Aveda Corporation

"While this book is about naturals and organics, it is just as much about cosmetic products. Clearly, a modern cosmetic product can no longer be seen without the concept of naturals and organics. We now have everything worth knowing about it in a single volume, from the background information of legislation and how to calculate how green your formulation is, to green formulating; from natural ingredients in skin care to natural ingredients in hair care and preservation. This book should be your bench guide on how to swap products based on animal fat with plant-based, renewable, Green Star rated ingredients. With this book, there is no longer an excuse!"

—Johann W. Wiechers, PhD
Independent Consultant for Cosmetic Science, JW Solutions
Technical Advisor, Alluredbooks

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