Flavor Creation, 2nd Edition

John Wright

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  • Hardcover
  • 382 Pages
  • Published 2010
  • ISBN-10: 1932633723
  • ISBN-13: 9781932633726
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A new edition with more than 100 new pages of material!

"Making flavors is fun. It is also intensely rewarding. I count myself fortunate indeed to have chanced upon a profession in which I am paid to indulge my hobby. I have never lost sight of my roots or forgotten the simple pleasure of creative achievement ..." — John Wright

Providing valuable insights for novice and experienced flavorists, this must-have guide covers everything from the history of flavor techniques to natural raw materials and the latest in sensory science. Industry veteran John Wright discusses, in a straight-forward and accessible style, how flavorists can link raw materials to recognizable descriptors, lists major flavor types and their construction (with suggested ingredients), reviews flavor technology, focusing on improving flavor delivery on powder flavors and emulsions, and discusses and evaluates how these various aspects have and will continue to impact the art and science of flavor creation. This volume includes:

  • Alphabetical summary of key natural raw materials, production methods, components, profiles and suggested applications
  • A focus on vanilla—curing, extraction and cultivation
  • A summary, by chemical family, of key synthetic raw materials, including their uses and profiles
  • Flavor applications: Overcoming flavor/product interactions
    • Introduction
    • Acknowlegements
    • Chapter 1: Natural Raw Materials
    • Chapter 2: Synthetic Raw Materials
    • Chapter 3: Flavor Creation
    • Chapter 4: Creating Elegant Flavors
    • Chapter 5: Vanilla
    • Chapter 6: Flavor Delivery
    • Chapter 7: Production Friendly Flavors
    • Chapter 8: Flavor Matching
    • Chapter 9: Regional Flavor Preferences
    • Chapter 10: Sensory Subjects
    • Chapter 11: Applications
    • Chapter 12: Legislation
    • Chapter 13: Past and Future Trends
      Note: This is the complete, edited version of Chapter 13. Please consider this a replacement for the chapter included in the print edition.
    • Chapter 14: Elysium
    • Index

John Wright is vice president of global technical business development, for International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). He has worked as a flavorist for more than 30 years, initially with Duckworths and PFW in the United Kingdom, then Bush Boake Allen in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, before joining IFF's US operation. While progressing into technical and general management, Wright has retained an active creative role in flavors. He is a fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the British Society of Flavourists, as well as a member of the Society of Flavor Chemists.

“Wright (vice president of global technical business development, International Flavors and Fragrances) provides a detailed overview of flavor development materials in this updated and expanded second edition. To get a feel for the author's approach, his introduction begins with the sentence, "Making flavors is fun," and he considers his profession an excellent way to indulge his hobby. While technical in some respects, a curious general interest reader would find the material intriguing and accessible. The author addresses a comprehensive range of topics, including: natural and synthetic raw materials, creating elegant flavors, flavor delivery and matching, sensory subjects, applications, legislation, and past and future trends.”

— Eithne O'Leyne
Annotation © Book News Inc., Portland, OR, www.booknews.com

"John Wright has condensed his life’s knowledge in a manner which all flavorists and nonflavorists alike will find even more useful than the first iteration of Flavor Creation, which itself has already become an industry standard. This new edition has developed broader scopes and greater depth into all the issues related not only to flavor creation but to the actual day to day workings of our industry. A must read for all of us."

—Amby Mankoo
Vice President, Flavor Laboratories Americas
Takasago International Corporation (U.S.A.)

"Eloquently structured, John Wright provides invaluable insights for topics we all come across in our daily endeavors for the ultimate flavor creation. This book is an excellent resource that can be put to use immediately by flavorists at all levels to enhance their skills and to develop young trainees who want to constitute the future."

—Michael Peters
Director, Global Flavor Creation Technology
Givaudan Flavors Corp.

"Bringing his extensive flavor industry experience to bear, John Wright presents Flavor Creation, an invaluable guide covering everything from the history of flavor techniques to natural raw materials and the latest in sensory science — plus much more. Wright moves beyond arming the flavorist, offering advice on flavor creation itself, discussing the selection of starting materials and flavor creation methodology, flavor balance, matching, working with customers and much more. The author covers specifics in his applications chapter, taking theory to practice, and enhances it by pairing the information with a section on sensory subjects (precise descriptors, interpretation, the phenomenon of cultural and national tastes). In addition, co-author Marie Wright provides a flavor creation philosophy for everything from apricot to chicken to vanilla. The latter category is given its own chapter addressing, among other things, legislation, vanilla types and adulteration.

Finally, Wright moves beyond the lab to cover universal issues of legislation and regulation involving flavors and then turns an eye toward flavor trends. In whole, this is a thorough and expert tome for beginners and flavor creation veterans alike — an invaluable industry resource."

—Carol Brys, Media, International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.

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