Allured's Flavor and Fragrance Materials (FFM) Buyers Guide 2013

Spiral-bound Softcover

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  • Spiral-bound Softcover
  • 478 Pages
  • Published 2013
  • ISBN-10: 1937235394
  • ISBN-13: 9781937235390

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This global directory of ingredients used in the creation of flavors and fragrances is a must-have purchasing and research tool for the industry. The print version of Allured's Flavor and Fragrance Materials (FFM) Buyers Guide offers a quick reference of ingredients and suppliers.

Arranged alphabetically, material listings include:

  • FEMA GRAS number
  • CAS number
  • Natural/artificial identification
  • Botanical names
  • List of suppliers of each ingredient
  • Detailed company information

The 2013 edition also features:

  • New suppliers
  • GRAS 25 and Interim GRAS list materials
  • Thousands of supplier updates on ingredient availability

Allured's FFM Buyers Guide is also available as an online database, containing expanded listings and more detailed information. View the comparison chart to find out what is included in each format before making your decision.

To order the FFM Bundle (includes FFM Online & the print FFM Buyer's Guide), please order at

With even more information and ingredient details than the print version, FFM Online provides a continuously updated, in-depth database of flavor and fragrance ingredients and suppliers. To see the additional information covered by FFM Online, please view the comparison chart.

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Read the full review of this title published in the Journal of Applied Cosmetology.

"We are pleased with the service we get from Allured. Every time we work with Allured and utilize the resources we are satisfied with its quality and excellence. The FFM is one of the most practical and consistent resources at my disposal."

— Daniel Sheffield
President, The Perfumery

"Drawing information from flavor and fragrance suppliers, industry and government organizations, and related texts, this alphabetical guide lists materials, synonyms, and products, including Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA), Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Council of Europe (CoE), natural status, and supplier information. The flavor materials include current materials cited in the FEMA GRAS lists through the GRAS 26 list and subsequent interim publications, the EU "Union" list of flavoring substances that can be used in food, and the materials in the publications of the CoE, as well as information from the Chemical Sources Association and users and suppliers of materials. The fragrance materials have been compiled from the list of materials that the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials has investigated for safety in fragrance use, the list of substances for which there are standards published by the International Fragrance Association North America/Fragrance Materials Association of the United States, and other materials from companies and suppliers. An alphabetical list of suppliers concludes the guide. Material is updated online, and the website includes information on molecular structure, FCC references, RIFM and FDA references, CoE numbers, European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances (EINECS) numbers, empirical formulas, and flash points."

— Eithne O'Leyne
Annotation © Book News Inc., Portland, OR,

"I was most interested in how useful this resource might be for me if I were looking to source a particular aromatic or perfume ingredient. There is a short introductory section that explains what all the abbreviations and designations are. In some cases, a person must be familiar already with much of the background information such as what is an oleoresin or absolute, what does GRAS mean, etc. The materials are in alphabetical order and quite easy to find and are listed with suppliers. There is also a code for the category of material including natural, nature-identical and artificial flavorings. Natural is derived only from plant or animal sources by physical processes either as they naturally occur or as they are traditionally processed, which is a very important designation in natural perfumery. There is also an indication if the product listed is organic. This would be quite helpful for me to have on my shelf as I pursue new ingredients or new sources of ingredients I already use."

— Elise Pearlstine
Owner, Tambela LLC

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