New Ideal in Skin Health: Separating Fact from Fiction

Carl R. Thornfeldt, MD and Krista Bourne, LE

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  • Softcover
  • 505 Pages
  • Published 2010
  • ISBN-10: 1932633693
  • ISBN-13: 9781932633696
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The New Ideal in Skin Health provides new and in-depth information to dispel myths about commercialized products, ingredients and skin care for estheticians and non-dermatological practitioners. Skin care professionals need to be given the tools to make informed decisions to best help their patients/clients. Even initial education of the skin care professional does not provide enough correct information about how active ingredients impact skin biology. This is foundational knowledge that will help guide a skin care professional throughout their entire career.

Whether you are a medical professional getting into the esthetic industry or an esthetician just starting out, this book is a great resource to help make the best choices in a crowded industry.

The New Ideal in Skin Health dispels myths about products, ingredients and skin biology, assists professionals in making the best decision based on real science and gives advice to help build your business in volume and patient loyalty. Topics include:

  • Underlying causes of skin problems—looking beyond the symptoms
  • Skin basics—focusing on barrier health
  • The role of chronic inflammation in skin aging and skin diseases
  • Protocols for pre- and post-procedure care, skin conditions/diseases and daily home care
  • How to optimize skin health with oral supplements and nutrition
  • Learn about skin diseases and conditions and what you can to treat them
  • Microdermabrasion, lasers, photodynamic therapy and more!
  • Safety and evidence-based efficacy of botanical ingredients and product development
  • Safety and evidence-based efficacy of non-botanical cosmeceuticals—separating fact from fiction
  • How to determine the best cosmeceutical products for your practice
  • How to determine interactions of product ingredients with each other
  • Professional roles in the esthetic practice
  • How to build your business in volume and patient loyalty

Carl R. Thornfeldt, MD, is president, CEO, and chief scientific officer of Episciences, Inc. He is a practicing dermatologist with 25 years of skin research experience, 21 US patents, more than 40 scientific journal articles and chapters in 7 textbooks on subjects ranging from cosmeceuticals, botanicals, barrier repair, treatment of inflammatory skin diseases and drug delivery. He is an internationally renowned speaker at dermatology and cosmetic scientific meetings, speaking in Japan, China, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Krista Bourne, LE, obtained her professional esthetic license in 2003. She has worked in plastic surgery and medical spas, performing clinical esthetic and laser enhancement procedures. She has worked closely with Carl Thornfeldt, MD at Episciences since 2006 as esthetics education director and has helped develop skin care and training protocols for Epionce skin care.

"I feel this book is a must for every esthetician. So much is always focused on peeling the skin, but people often forget about what they are doing to the moisture barrier. If we protect, replace and repair the moisture barrier first, we can then go in and treat all skin conditions. This book really gives a greater understanding of skin, its functions and the moisture barrier. It really gives great information and much food for thought for treating skin. Every esthetician should own The New Ideal in Skin Health so they can learn how important it is to treat the moisture barrier of the skin. If you address the moisture barrier, every skin condition will be easier to treat. The information in this book is fabulous."

—Clarice B. Loiacono
Clarice's Creating Beautiful Looks
Midwest Educator for Circadia and YG Laboratories

"Dr. Carl Thornfeldt has written a fact-filled book about skin care that will appeal not only to estheticians, but to any skin care professional interested in obtaining the latest information about skin care products and ingredients. A review of various skin conditions and symptoms as well as the relative safety and efficacy of products one encounters in a day-to-day esthetic business will provide all of the information needed for skincare professionals to enhance their potential!"

—Tina S. Alster, MD
Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery
Clinical Professor of Dermatology
Georgetown University Medical Center

"This book is a great tool to help all skin care professionals wade through what can often be an overwhelming amount of information and make careful decisions for the success of their esthetic practice. Written in a language that speaks to all positions in the practice, it is a valuable addition to any esthetic educational library. Dr. Thornfeldt is a true innovator in his field."

—Sallie Deitz, LE

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
donna powell
This book is unbelievable! It should be required reading for every skin care professional. Very informative.
Donna Powell, Esthetician
Crissy Niezwaag
An excellent book and must-have for all skin care professionals. New Ideal in Skin Health provides applicable information on chemistry, anatomy of the skin, and the effects of ingredients on the skin. It truly allows the professional to make informed decisions about products. It also has a great section on skin disorders and treatments.
Robert falcone
The issues covered are very contemporary and extremely useful to anyone involved in the cosmetic industry. Highly recommend for the personal libraries of those involved in the development, marketing, and sales of skin care products.
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