Skin Care and Aging

Zoe Draelos, MD

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  • Softcover
  • 491 Pages
  • Published 2011
  • ISBN-10: 1932633839
  • ISBN-13: 9781932633832
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This collection of peer-reviewed articles scientifically examines antiaging from a functional, genomic, and physiologic standpoint while presenting cosmeceutical, antioxidant and moisturization topical agents and nutricosmetic oral agents to achieve the one goal desired by all to be perceived as beautiful!

Skin Care and Aging looks at the behavior of aging skin and how this can be modified with cosmeceuticals, antioxidants, moisturizers and nutritional supplements. The latest in the Formulators' Resource Series, this 47-chapter volume presents the best techniques and ingredients to achieve desired antiaging effects. The industry's top researchers present studies of specific active ingredients that impact the skin's cell defenses and other mechanisms.

Topics include:

  • Skin Pigmentation
  • Aging Skin
  • Genomics and Aging Skin
  • Novel Ingredients
  • Antioxidants and Skin Care
  • Skin Moisturization
  • Nutricosmetics and Skin Health
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Skin Pigmentation
    • 1. A Direct Connection to Melanocytes
    • 2. Antiaging in a Different Light: Assessing How Chromophores Color Perception
    • 3. Grapefruit Extract Cream: Effects on Melanin and Skin
    • 4. Lightening, Boosting and Protecting with Colorless Carotenoids
  • Part II: Looking for Youth in Skin Aging
    • 5. Innovations in Dermatology: Rethinking the Aging Face
    • 6. Slowing Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aging: A Dual Approach
    • 7. Sirtuins: A Breakthrough in Antiaging Research
    • 8. Pep Talk: Slowing Down Aging
    • 9. Drawing the Line on Wrinkles
    • 10. Modeling UVD-induced Formation of Photoproducts in Human Keratinocytes
    • —Genomics and Aging Skin
      • 11. Mutations in Mitochondrial DNA as Principal Aging Factor
      • 12. Mitochondrial Nourishment and Protection for Antiaging Effects
      • 13. DNA Repair and Photoaging
      • 14. Understanding Extracellular Proteolytic Enzymes
      • 15. RNA Interference and Therapeutic Applications
      • 16. Stimulating Stem Cells in Younger Skin
    • —The Behavior of Aging Skin
      • 17. Cutaneous Blood Flow in Aging Skin
      • 18. Cutaneous Biochemistry in Aging Skin
      • 19. Thickness of Aging Skin
      • 20. Stimulation of Dermal and Epidermal Metabolism: An Approach to Antiaging
      • 21. In vitro Approaches to Antiaging Testing
    • Part III: Novel Cosmeceutical Ingredients
      • 22. Tetrapeptide Targets Epidermal Cohesion
      • 23. Chitin Nanofibrils: A Natural Compound for Innovative Cosmeceuticals
      • 24. Biomimetic Tripeptides for Improved Dermal Transport
      • 25. Strategies of Antiaging Actives in Sunscreen Products
      • 26. Antiaging Effects of a Skin Repair Active Principle
      • 27. Wrinkle Reduction by Stimulation of the Skin’s Mechanical Resistance
      • 28. Peptides in the Pipeline for Antiaging
      • 29. An Herbal Blend for Antiaging Effects: TCM in Personal Care
      • 30. An ECM-derived Tetrapeptide to Counterbalance ECM Degeneration
    • Part IV: Antioxidants and Skin Care
      • 31. Understanding Reactive Oxygen Species
      • 32. Measuring Reactive Oxygen Species in Skin with Fluorescence Microscopy
      • 33. Using Photochemiluminescence to Quantify the Antioxidative Capacity of Topicals
      • 34. Protecting the Genome of Skin Cells from Oxidative Stress and Photoaging
      • 35. From the Sea: Algal Extracts for Skin Homeostasis
      • 36. Measuring the Antioxidant Potential of an Acai Extract
      • 37. Protecting Skin from UV Oxidative Stress with a New (Cys-Gly)2 Dimer Peptide
    • Part V: Skin Moisturization
      • 38. An Aquaporin-inspired Lipid Concentrate for Mature Skin
      • 39. Watering Holes in the Stratum Corneum
      • 40. Treating Wrinkles with Dimethylaminoethanol, Retinol and Mineral Salts
      • 41. Watermelon Survival Strategies for Skin DNA Protection
      • 42. γ-Poly Glutamic Acid: A Novel Peptide for Skin Care
    • Part VI: Nutricosmetics and Skin Health
      • 43. Nutricosmetics: Feeding the Skin
      • 44. Macroalgae in Nutricosmetics
      • 45. Recent Advances in Slimming Treatments
      • 46. Macroalgal Fucoidan Extracts: A New Opportunity for Marine Cosmetics
      • 47. Balancing Skin’s Microflora with Probiotics
    • Index

Authors include:

  • Zoe Draelos
  • Daniel Yarosh,
  • Mindy Goldstein
  • Howard Maibach
  • Luigi Rigano
  • Philippe Mondon
  • Daniel Schmid
  • Jeanette Waller

“The 47 articles originally published in Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine are divided into sections on skin pigmentation, the behavior of aging skin, genomics, antioxidants, novel ingredients, and moisturization. Topics include grapefruit extract, sirtuins, tetrapeptides, algal extracts, cutaneous blood flow, mutations in mitochondrial DNA, and recent advances in slimming treatments. A few of the contributors are academics, but most work in the laboratories of cosmetic manufacturers. B&W images and tables are provided.”

— Eithne O'Leyne
Annotation © Book News Inc., Portland, OR,

"This book is loaded with all types of evidence, from in vitro investigations to complex in vivo efficacy studies. Subdivided in scientifically clear-cut sections, readers will be able to follow the latest of the latest in genomics (e.g., sirtuins), skin moisturization (e.g., aquaporins) and anti-aging (e.g., anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals) from well-respected authors."

—Johann W. Wiechers, PhD
Independent Consultant for Cosmetic Science, JW Solutions

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