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Essential Oils, Volume 9
Author: Brian Lawrence
Coloring the Cosmetic World
Author: Edwin Faulkner
Hair Care Science
Author: R. Randall Wickett, PhD, et al.
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Flavor Creation, 2nd Edition

Author: John Wright


This guide covers everything from the history of flavor techniques to natural raw materials and the latest in sensory science.


Author: Zoe Draelos, MD and Peter T. Pugliese, MD


Excellent advanced education textbook for those in the skin care industry.


Author: Edwin B. Faulkner


Regulations, stability, economics and color esthetics are just the beginning. Other topics covered include measuring color and testing pigments, surface treated pigments, and natural colorants. Faulkner describes shades that can be produced and both positive and negative aspects of using the color. This book will save time for any color cosmetic formulator.


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