Library Information

Alluredbooks, a division of Allured Business Media, offers a full range of books and reference materials in the fields of Cosmetics & Personal Care Technology and Business; Perfumes, Flavors and Essential Oils; and Skin Care and Healthy Aging. With more than 90 years of knowledge and experience, we offer high quality content and cutting-edge information on subject matters not readily found elsewhere.

Who are our readers?

Our readership consists of scientists; professors; product formulators; chemistry students; perfume and personal care entrepreneurs and hobbyists; professional perfume, flavor and food technicians; aromatherapists; skin care specialists and consumers interested in learning more about the business and science of skin care and overall well-being; marketing and sales personnel; and anyone interested in essential oils.

Why stock our books in your library?

Most of our books are scientific in nature on specialty subjects and cannot be found in most bookstores. We recognize that your library offers an efficient, economical way to reach a wide audience, including readers who use our books as a source of reference and are patrons of the library or simply cannot afford to purchase every research book they need. With an average of 12 new books per year, and, in most cases, an extensive shelf life, we feel confident that the addition of our books will enhance your library's already impressive collection.

How do you order our books and receive special library discounts?

Order directly through Alluredbooks:

  • Online: Use Coupon Code LIB20 to receive an instant 20% off at check out.
  • E-mail: Marie Kuta, Librarian Account Representative
  • Phone: 630-344-6032
  • All of us at Alluredbooks wish to thank you for your years of service and dedication, and look forward to working with you.