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Aging Skin: Current and Future Therapeutic Strategies

Authors: Linda D. Rhein, PhD and Joachim W. Fluhr, MD


An “ageless” topic, strategies for combating skin aging is among the most advanced and advancing categories of personal care product development. Rhein and Fluhr’s Aging Skin is your ticket to this high-growth market.

Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics: Cosmetic Specialties and Ingredients

Editor: Mitchell L. Schlossman


An indispensable resource that reveals the intricacies in the employment of materials used in today's cosmetics industry. LIMITED QUANTITY

Flavor Creation, 2nd Edition

Author: John Wright


This guide covers everything from the history of flavor techniques to natural raw materials and the latest in sensory science.

New Ideal in Skin Health: Separating Fact from Fiction

Authors: Carl R. Thornfeldt, MD and Krista Bourne, LE


Want to know the facts about ingredients and skin care from a dermatologist with more than 25 years of skin research experience? Dr. Carl Thornfeldt reveals the truth!

Organic Chemistry for Cosmetic Chemists

Authors: Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr. and Thomas O'Lenick


Whether you’re a cosmetic or olfactory chemist, a firm grasp of organic chemistry is something you simply cannot do without. Charles Sell and Tony and Thomas O’Lenick, leading formulative experts, have built, according to Robert Lochhead, texts that are “essential’ to the working chemist.

Understanding Fragrance Chemistry

Author: Charles Sell, PhD


Improve your understanding of perfume and its interactions with the wide variety of products in which it is used. LIMITED QUANTITY!